Got A Big Roll Of Something You Need Cut? How Various Industries Can Cut Your Roll For You

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People tend to acquire the strangest objects in the most unusual of ways. If you recently acquired a very large roll of carpet, paper, foil or plastic film, and you are wondering how you can make it smaller so you can store it in your house or garage, then you could probably use some of the cutting tools or methods used by various industries. These industries have their own methods for cutting all kinds of materials on rolls, and they may be able to help cut your roll down to a more manageable size.

Construction and Table Saws

Table saws are pretty good for cutting anything reasonably hard. If the roll of stuff you have is not enormous, exceedingly thick or papery, then a table saw at a construction site might work. You could also upscale this a bit by asking a lumber company to use their giant log splitting table saw to cut and pare down your material roll, especially if your roll is thick, long, heavy or really, really large. Table saws are a good place to start if you want to slice through the roll vertically on the horizontal plane (i.e., you lay the roll on its side and you want to use the table saw to make vertical cuts that will result in several new, smaller rolls of material).

Paper Mills and Roll Slitters

Paper mills also have their own equipment for cutting rolls down in size. These machines are called slitters because special knives slit through the material on the rolls as though it was melting butter. Then it slices through the hard cardboard roller in the center to break the giant roll of paper into much smaller rolls. The blades are often sharp enough to cut through paper, foil and even plastic wrap or plastic sheeting. If you want to slice a roll of carpet into smaller rolls of scrap carpeting, then these slitters are often sharp enough for that too.

For slitters, contact a company such as GARDICO Inc.

Carpet and Flooring Installers and Flooring Saws

Carpeting is often rolled in giant rolls at the weaving factory. Then it is cut down to more manageable sizes for transportation reasons. Wood flooring is often cut by some of the same machines that cut and pare down carpeting because the blades on these machines are very sharp. If you have a flooring company or carpeting manufacturer near you, you may be able to ask them to help cut down the size of the material roll which you have acquired.


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