2 Reasons Why Foundation Underpinning May Be Required For Your Home

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Foundation underpinning involves strengthening the foundation of a structure. This is generally done by digging beneath the foundation and pouring cement underneath it to where the ground is stable. This essentially creates two different foundations, thus securing the first foundation and allowing the structure to become secure once again. You may have to repair any damage to the inside of the home that was caused by the settling, but you will have the comfort of knowing that your foundation is now very secure. There are multiple reasons why the foundation of a home may begin to settle and require underpinning, and this article will discuss 2 of these reasons in more detail. 

The Ground Has Begun To Settle 

When your ground settles, the result is going to be the sinking, cracking, and basically the unwanted movement of your foundation. The ground may settle due to a leak in your plumbing that causes the ground to settle and sink, it may be due to debris under your foundation that is decomposing and causing the ground beneath your home to sink to a much smaller size, or it may happen because the ground contracts and expands with the changing levels of moisture in it, thus shifting your foundation. The expansion and contraction of the ground is likely going to depend on the current season and weather. For example, the ground will contract when it is cold and freezes and will expand once again when it is warm. In all of these situations, you are going to be able to fix the problem with ground settlement by underpinning your foundation with a second foundation. 

You Are Adding Another Story To Your Home 

One reason why you may need to have foundation underpinning done is if you need to add another story onto your home. This is going to be a bit different than some other situations, because no damage has actually occurred to your foundation when this is done. It is simply something that is done to make sure that your foundation doesn't sink, crack, or otherwise give way when the additional story is added to your home. By underpinning, you are strengthening your foundation and ensuring that it can hold the load of a second story. Often, you are going to be required to add this extra support to your foundation by the building inspector who is signing off your home addition. 

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27 October 2016

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