3 Tips For Keeping Your Commercial Heating Costs Down

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Running a business comes with many different expenses. If you have your own office building, then one part of your costs likely comes from your commercial heating bill. After all, you can't expect your employees to get any work done if they're freezing to death. But that said, you obviously are also interested in making sure that your energy costs don't end up torpedoing the company's bottom line. To that end, here are three tips that should help you keep your commercial heating costs down.

Close Vents in Rooms That You Don't Use

If you have an especially large building with multiple rooms, chances are not every single room is going to be in use all the time. For example, a conference room that is only used for meetings might be empty for most of the day outside of the hour or two that your team will be sitting in it. Take a walk through your building, and try to identify areas where you know people are not likely to be for a long period of time. Shut off the vents in those rooms to keep the heat focused where it is needed most. If you suddenly need to use a room where the vents have been turned off, it shouldn't take too long to get things warmed up again.

Install Programmable Thermostats

If you don't want to deal with shutting and reopening the vents throughout the building, another idea that might work would be to get a contractor to install multiple programmable thermostats throughout the building, and then customize your heating system so that different areas of the building can be set to different temperatures. Programmable thermostats will also let you set up a heating plan based on what time people will actually be inside the building. You can start warming things up an hour before anyone arrives in the morning, and then let the temperature fall at night once everyone has gone home.

Get a Regular Inspection

Finally, the best way to ensure that your heating system is running efficiently is to get it checked by a commercial heating professional on a regular basis. Depending on how complex your system is, there might be a lot of things like air dampeners or heating and cooling valves that you'll want someone to keep an eye on for you. A regular inspection will ensure that any potential problems are nipped in the bud before they start to cost you money.

If you want to lower your commercial heating bill, take a look at either closing some of your heating vents or installing programmable thermostats throughout the building. But no matter what you decide, make sure you get your entire system inspected by a contractor from a company like Mercury Tec at least once a year for best results.


14 March 2017

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