3 Reasons To Use A Nylon-Bristled Brush When Finishing Metal Products

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Metal is used to create a number of valuable components and products that consumers rely on each day. In order for manufactured metal items to be safe for public use, they must undergo a finishing process. This process eliminates any burrs or imperfections from the surface of the metal.

One of the most common finishing practices when it comes to metal manufacturing is the use of an abrasive brush to help smooth out metal surfaces. Using a nylon-bristled brush might not seem like an effective finishing technique, but these brushes can fill a unique niche when finishing metal products.

1. A nylon-bristled brush is flexible.

When finishing your metal components, you need to be able to reach every square inch of the metal's surface. Products whose designs feature awkward shapes or small cavities can be challenging to smooth out using rigid wire-bristled brushes or abrasive discs.

Since the individual bristles of a nylon-bristled brush are flexible, these tools can easily squeeze into spaces where their competitors cannot. This flexibility could prove useful in diversifying your metal finishing practices.

2. A nylon-bristled brush is gentle.

Smoothing out the surface of soft metals can pose a challenge for manufacturers. Although the burrs and imperfections must be removed, using a harsh abrasive tool could mar the surface of the metal in question.

Making the choice to add a nylon-bristled brush to your arsenal of metal-finishing tools will allow you to smooth out the surface of soft metals with a delicate touch. The substrate will remain intact, allowing you to increase the range of metals that your manufacturing plant processes.

3. A nylon-bristled brush is versatile.

Incorporating a new tool into your metal finishing processes shouldn't disrupt the day-to-day operations of your manufacturing plant. A nylon-bristled brush can be successfully attached to either an angle grinder or a bench motor.

Since you are likely already using these machines in your metal finishing, the addition of a new nylon-bristled brush attachment will not create unexpected delays. Nylon-bristled brushes also come in a variety of grit strengths, so you are sure to find an attachment suited to meet any of your metal finishing needs.

Your finishers might need time to adjust to the varying grits available from each nylon-bristled brush attachment, but once this adjustment period passes you will find that adding nylon-bristled brushes to your metal finishing processes can provide you with the flexibility, delicate touch, and versatility needed to remain competitive in today's metal finishing market.


22 February 2018

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