Frequently Asked Questions About An Interior Ceiling Debris Containment Wrap

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If you are going to have construction work done in your home, an interior ceiling debris containment wrap may be something that you should consider having installed. However, many people are not familiar with interior protection products, and as such, they have no idea when they should use one and what the benefits of using one are. Here are a few of the questions you may have about an interior ceiling debris containment wrap, also sometimes referred to as an interior ceiling dust containment wrap.

16 May 2022

How Packing With Foam Inserts Can Result In Better Protection And Stabilization

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Foam inserts are used in many different ways and are made from low and high-density foam, depending on how they will be used. Often foam inserts are precut for the specific job they will do, but they are also available as single sheets of foam that you, or a foam manufacturer, can cut to a particular size for custom applications. High-Density Foam Foam inserts made from high-density or closed-cell foam are rigid inserts that hold their shape well and may be used in packaging heavy items for shipping.

1 March 2022