Have A Water Well? 3 Signs You Need To Hire A Well Repair Company

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If you have a water well, you depend on this to provide your home with enough water. Because of this, it is important that the water well works with no problems. Unfortunately, things can go wrong over time, and it’s important to take care of these things quickly. To help with this, below are three signs you need to hire a well repair company. 

Different Water Pressure

If you notice the water pressure is not as strong when you turn on a faucet there is likely a problem with the water well pump. The pressure may be wrong all the time or the problem may fluctuate. This often happens if you have clogged pipes or if the well casing is clogged from a buildup of minerals, sediment, and debris. 

No matter how much the water pressure changes you need to hire a well repair company to find the cause and fix the problem for you. 

Hearing Weird Noises

If you are hearing weird sounds when you are close to the well, the pump is likely failing. If the motor is going bad it will make odd sounds. A moving part inside the pump may need to be replaced or repaired. This can also be caused by problems with the bearings inside the well pump. 

In some cases, a well repair company can repair the well pump for you. This is especially true if it is newer. If the well pump is older, however, they will likely suggest that you replace it with a new one. 

Pump Constantly Runs or Short Cycles

If a well pump is having problems and cannot pump water well, it may run constantly to try to pump the right amount of water. There may be problems with the suction line, such as if it is leaking. The pump itself may need to be repaired or replaced. This extra work on the pump can cause the pump to wear out much faster. This can also increase your utility bills, especially the electric bill, if the pump runs constantly. 

You may also notice the pump runs and stops continually throughout the day, which is known as short cycling. If this is the case, it will only run for a short time and then stop and a few minutes later start the cycle over again. 

A professional well repair company can tell you of many other problems you can have with your water well so you can watch out for them.


14 November 2022

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