3 Reasons To Use Solid Body Inserts

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Fasteners play an important role in the construction and function of many items. Military fasteners are considered to be the most durable type of fasteners available.

One type of specialized military fastener you might want to consider using in your own applications is a solid body insert. These inserts can offer a number of benefits that commercially made fasteners cannot.

1. Simple Installation

Some specialized fasteners can be difficult to install. They may require special tools or labor-intensive processes to ensure proper placement. A solid body insert offers you the ability to install a high-quality fastener using standard tools.

You simply have to drill out the threading in an existing hole, then screw the solid body fastener into the hole. These fasteners use standardized thread sizes to help avoid cross-threading during installation.

2. Locking Mechanism

Another benefit that you can enjoy when you opt to use solid body inserts as fasteners is the availability of a locking mechanism. Solid body inserts were designed with rugged military applications in mind. Military personnel need access to fasteners that will not pull out or torque when placed under pressure.

Solid body inserts have a series of post keys installed around the perimeter of the fastener. Once the insert has been threaded into place, the post keys are driven into the housing of the base material to provide a solid and secure connection point.

This unique locking design makes solid body inserts one of the most durable types of fasteners available on the market today.

3. Flexibility

Solid body inserts are very flexible fasteners. They can be utilized in a variety of applications, and they pair well with many different types of materials. You can use solid body inserts when fastening aluminum, steel, cast iron, or even plastic.

When your base material is on the softer side (like a plastic or aluminum), you can rely on solid body inserts to help provide thread stability over time. The flexibility of solid body inserts makes them a valuable fastener for almost every application.

If you are looking to invest in military fasteners to improve the strength and durability of your equipment, then you should consider solid body fasteners. These fasteners are designed to offer maximum durability in holding bolts firmly in place. You can enjoy easy installation, a fastener that will lock firmly into place, and the flexibility of applying a single fastener type to different applications when you invest in solid body inserts.

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26 August 2018

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