4 Types Of Entertainment Lighting Rentals You Should Know About

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Lighting is a powerful tool in the world of entertainment. It can set the mood, create drama and suspense, and even influence emotions. But not all lighting is created equal — there are many different types of lighting equipment for various purposes. Knowing what each one does will help you better dictate which ones to use in your next event. This article discusses four categories of entertainment lighting rentals you should know about.

3 September 2021

Things That Will Make Spiral Freezer Maintenance Less Difficult

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Spiral freezers have a lot of advantages, such as being very easy to set up and running efficiently. If you want these benefits to last for a long time, then you'll need to carry out maintenance carefully. These particular things can make spiral freezer maintenance easy to complete. Stainless Steel Construction Things made out of stainless steel are naturally going to be easier to clean and keep clean. It's thus smart to make sure the spiral freezer is made of mostly stainless steel.

18 June 2021

Top Reasons to Have Your Industrial Equipment Finished With Zinc Nickel Plating

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Industrial equipment and machinery are often ready to use as soon as you purchase them. Therefore, you might have had your equipment set up and might have put it right to use, without worrying about doing things like adding a finish to them. Although it might not technically be necessary to add a finish to your industrial equipment, this doesn't mean that it's not a good idea. Hiring a professional to add zinc-nickel plating to your industrial equipment can be wise for many reasons and more.

26 March 2021