4 Types Of Entertainment Lighting Rentals You Should Know About

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Lighting is a powerful tool in the world of entertainment. It can set the mood, create drama and suspense, and even influence emotions. But not all lighting is created equal — there are many different types of lighting equipment for various purposes. Knowing what each one does will help you better dictate which ones to use in your next event. This article discusses four categories of entertainment lighting rentals you should know about. 

1. Stage Wash Lights

Stage wash lights are typically used as background or general illumination on stages or platforms with no specific focus point, such as a band performance. They cast light evenly across the entire area they're set up on. LED stage wash lights are the most efficient and environmentally friendly option for this application because they're cooler and limit power consumption. They also resist dimming due to voltage fluctuations preventing sudden shutoff or too much brightness midway through a performance. 

2. Sound-Activated Lights

Sound-activated lights are perfect for special events where dance floors, stages, and other areas need to be illuminated throughout the night. They can be set up beforehand or programmed with music to come on when sound is detected. They can also keep the room brightly lit throughout the event. If you want to add a little pizazz to your party, consider adding sound-activated lighting. These fun decorations will turn on and off according to the beat of the music playing in your venue, entertaining your guests more. 

3. Moving Head Spotlights

Moving head spotlights are capable of projecting light beams in any direction at varying angles and patterns. They can be used to highlight performers on stage or accentuate special effects like fog machines. Their moving heads, which include lenses, will allow you to produce different shapes of lights, including circular, oval, and linear. Plus, they can project these images over long distances with little loss of power. The best moving head spotlights can also provide excellent color mixing capabilities as well as the ability to dim output levels for precise control over moods during your events or shows. Their small size makes them easy to transport from one location to another.

4. Laser Lights

These lights are becoming a hot new trend in event entertainment. Laser light shows add an extra element of excitement and energy to any party or large gathering. They're commonly used at weddings because of their ability to enhance dance floors while creating stunning visuals that leave guests in awe. They're a great way to add spectacle and drama because they create an impressive light show that can be used in motion with your entertainment event or for decoration during the party. 

The best entertainment lighting system is one that creates an atmosphere that suits your event. Entertainment lighting is a great way to make your event or party extra special. There are many different types of entertainment lighting rentals available for you, so be sure to choose the type that best fits your needs and style.


3 September 2021

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