4 Benefits Of Using Acrylic Printing

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Acrylic printing is when you print onto an acrylic surface instead of onto canvas, metal, or wood. There are benefits of using acrylic as a printing surface over other surfaces or mediums.

Vibrant Colors

One of the biggest benefits of printing something on acrylic is that it produces very bright and vibrant colors. The techniques to print on acrylic help create very vibrant colors, using face mount printing or direct printing. These are more expensive printing methods, but they produce very luminous and vibrant colors, so if you want something that stands out, an acrylic print will achieve that.

Pronounced Blacks

If you have a picture that has black shades throughout it, then it will look great when printed on acrylic. It is similar to how HDR makes blacks more vibrant on television screens; acrylic makes blacks more pronounced and helps them stand out more.

So if you want to reproduce a print or picture with a lot of shading or black tones, the black color will be stronger, and the reflective property of acrylic prints can create an almost 3D effect with the black tones.


When you hang up a painting or picture in your home, you have to be careful with how you clean it. Acrylic prints are great because they are not hard to clean. Do not use any harsh cleaners on them. Just use a soft dry cloth to wipe down any dust that has accumulated on the surface. If necessary, you can use a damp, wet cloth to clean it as well, as long as you stick to a simple detergent.

The inks used are waterproof, which is why you can wipe them off with a wet cloth if necessary. However, whenever possible, stick to dusting it off with a dry cloth instead.

Versatile Displays

Fourth, with acrylic prints, you have lots of display options. You can hang the print up on its own. You can hang it indoors or outdoors. You can hang it inside of a frame, or you can allow it to hang up all on its own. Either way, it will look great hanging up on your wall.

When it comes to choosing what surface to print an image onto, you need to consider acrylic printing. Acrylic prints produce vibrant colors and pronounce blacks. It allows for versatile displays, and it is cleanable as well.

For more information, contact an acrylic printing company in your area.


10 November 2021

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