What Are The Advantages Of Smart Pallets?

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Some pallet manufacturers have started to add technology solutions to their products. They have created smart pallets. How do these pallets work, and what are the benefits of using them?

What Are Smart Pallets?

Smart pallets work the same way as regular products. However, these pallets contain sensors and trackers.

These devices connect a pallet to online systems. In some cases, they simply give real-time information on a pallet's exact location. Some systems also report on the environmental conditions a pallet is in at any given time on its shipping journey or in storage. For example, sensors might monitor the ambient temperature around a pallet or its local humidity levels.

Why Use Smart Pallets?

While regular pallets are a tried-and-tested storage and shipping solution, they aren't always easily trackable. If you ship a load of orders, then you might be able to track the truck the pallets are supposed to be on, but you can't track the pallets themselves. You might not know when a shipping company has switched vehicles.  You won't even know if a pallet load has gone missing until your shipment arrives.

Smart pallets give you an independent and accurate tracking solution. If a pallet contains a tracking device, then you can check where it is at any given time. You can monitor shipment progress and arrival times much more closely. It is easy to spot if a pallet gets detached from its order and then trace it. You get more control over your shipments. You can also keep your customers informed of real-time progress and delays.

Shipping products that need temperature controls, makes smart pallets a good option. If you use regular pallets, then you have to rely on your shipping company to keep your loads at the right temperature. Using smart pallets with sensor controls can check on a load's environmental temperature. For example, you can tell if a chilled order isn't refrigerated to the right temperature.You might not find out about environmental problems until it is too late. This may lead to replacing orders which spoil or aren't fit for use.

You can also see if a load is exposed to too much humidity in storage. An early warning could help you fix the problem before it affects your products.

To find out more about smart and sustainable pallet technology and suitable products for your shipment or storage needs, contact a pallet manufacturer or supplier such as PALIoT Solutions.


15 December 2021

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